5 in 1 Antenna Magnetic Mount

5 in 1 Antenna Magnetic Mount

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Magnetic Mount Accessory for the GPSMB Panther Series Antennas

The GPSMBMM is the ideal magnetic mount accessory to be used in conjunction with the GPSMB Panther Series Antennas. This robust “mag mount” attachment is easily added to any of the GPSMB series antennas for a solid and durable connection. To be used on a vehicle or other metal devices without damaging the surface.


  • Robust Removable Magnetic Mount Accessory

  • Works with Pulse GPSMB Panther Series Antennas

  • Detachable with a strong magnetic connection

  • Robust housing ‐ Outdoor UV stabilized


  • Perfect for use on vehicular applications where a permanent mount is not desirable

  • Can be used on various metal surfaces

  • Detachable, non‐permanent mount

  • Magnetic Mount Accessory to work with Pulse GPSMB series antennas