Micro-CAPP RTS Handshake Controller

Micro-CAPP RTS Handshake Controller

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Micro-CAPP RTS Communications and Protocol Processor. 128 Byte RTS-CTS Buffer Controller. DB9 Connectors, 12 Volt. Harmonized Tariff Code: 8471.50 Made In Canada

Micro-CAPP RTS RS-232 Buffer and Handshake Controller
The Micro-CAPP® product family is a versatile micro-controller based product used for handling timing and buffering of serial ASYNC data. The Micro-CAPP RTS is a half duplex product with a connector layout that allows for simple insertion into a serial data cable. One connector is configured as a DCE and the other as a DTE and are industry standard DB-9 connectors. The platforms are flash based and very flexible so custom applications can often be easily accommodated.

The Micro-CAPP RTS is a highly accurate protocol independent RS-232 data buffer that adds RTS/CTS control to a serial data stream. This is a small low cost unit that can solve your wireless modem timing problems that can occur with windows SCADA host software drivers or with terminal servers. Outbound data to a wireless modem can be buffered to allow the addition of RTS/CTS handshake control. Inbound data is passed though untouched with absolutely no delay. Easy DIP switch configuration, no software required.

  • Provides data buffering capabilities for ASYNC serial data over radio
  • Adds RTS/CTS control to address timing issue over the air
  • High accuracy timing and protocol independent
  • Low cost, easy-to-integrate solution
  • Unparalleled customer support and 
  • Customer specific solutions available
Typical Applications for the Micro-CAPP
  • Add DOX control to a RTS/CTS controlled radio
  • Interface between a terminal server serial port and a transparent wireless modem