Universal Data Connector 1000 Point Pack - Excel, MQTT, DB, Modbus, OPC UA, Rest API, Web Trend

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    Open Automation 1000 Pack - Excel, MQTT, DB Connector, Modbus, OPC UA, Rest API, Web Trend.  Includes 5 years of revision upgrades

    The Open Automation Universal Data Connector gives you unparalleled access to your industrial operations and enterprise data for connectivity, monitoring, analytics, and delivery. Connect directly to PLCs, OPC servers, files, databases, Linux and Windows devices as well as IoT platforms to create world-class SCADA systems or industrial automation solutions.  It is a server-based (Windows or Linux) highly-scalable, network platform that enables the transport and transformation of your data. Many other solutions lock your data in proprietary formats, thus limiting your ability to use or share your own data.

    The OA platform is built upon a single principle, to liberate your data and allow you to move it through your enterprise with speed and flexibility.

    Secure Distributed Networking

    Built upon a Distributed Network Architecture that enables advanced Edge Computing, reliability, and performance for IIoT, the OA Platform can be deployed in infinite configurations to meet your needs. Interconnect OAS servers for load balancing, failover, data aggregation from remote clients, and more.  Built-in Store and Forward functionality with buffering ensures your complete data gets through even on intermittent communications channels.

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    Basic Networking

    Network clients, either over LAN, WAN, or Internet can communicate directly with an OA Platform server and can easily be remotely managed and configured.  Client applications communicate directly to up to 10,000 remote services that have a fixed IP Address or registered domain name.  Live data is hosted directly on the Data Source Services, there is no data loss on network failure when using the free Store and forward buffering capability.

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    Live Data Cloud Networking

    Move data between OA Platform servers, aggregate data, and secure source data over dynamic IP addresses.  remotely manage instances with the need for a VPN.  This free network feature turns any Windows laptop or server PC into a live data source with just a standard Internet connection.  No VPN is required. Host live and historical data on your own local hardware.  (Requires once Instance to have a Static IP Address or DNS Entry.)

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    The OA Platform is licensed at the data source and based on the features and number of data points being tracked. This means that unlimited clients and applications can access the data at no additional cost. Also, all of the configuration tools can be used by any number of local or remote clients at no additional cost.  Includes MQTT Broker, Publisher, and Subscriber