Peplink BR1 Pro CAT 20

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    1 Gbps Router Throughput, Max 400 Mbps Tunnel (200 Mbps Encrypted) One CAT 20 Modem, Dual SIM, 1 WAN, 2 LAN 2.4 Ghz and 5.8 GHz WiFi

    Peplink BR1 Pro CAT 20

    The BR1 Pro CAT 20  is integrated with the new generation multi-core CPU ensuring delivery of gigabit speeds. Achieving 800% faster speeds than the original BR1 Pro.  Just like the original BR1 Pro, the BR1 Pro CAT 20 has also been certified to meet the standards of a wide array of deployment criteria.  Supports Wi-Fi 6.  Experience less interference and connect to multiple devices simultaneously.  The BR1 Pro comes equipped with a 2.5Gbps Ethernet port, making it compatible for your network devices to run at their designated speeds without limitations. 

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    BR1 Pro CAT 20 Datasheet