Peplink PrimeCare 4 Year - Balance 20X

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    Provides four additional years of Primecare that includes warranty, Speedfusion Licence, InControl2 Subscription, and 500 GB of Speedfusion Cloud Subscription

    Peplink PrimeCare 4 Year - Balance 20X

    PrimeCare makes SpeedFusion networks easier to build. It bundles InControl, Warranty, SpeedFusion license upgrades, and FusionHub Licenses into one subscription.

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    Full SpeedFusion Capability:

    Open new possibilities and deployments with your existing devices.

    Centralized Management:

    Provision and Manage your entire network from a single UI.

    Unlimited FusionHub Licenses:

    Connect as many PrimeCare devices as you need to your FusionHub.

    Warranty Support:

    Standard warranty coverage for all PrimeCare devices.