Peplink Software Defined Power Management Unit

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    Designed to supply 52 VDC PoE power for switches and routers from 12 to 56 volt input.

    Peplink Software Defined Power Management Unit - Unprecedented Power Management

    The Peplink / Pepxim SD-PMU is an ideal solution for any marine or transportation deployment that requires consistent 52V power streams, sequential boot up of other onboard devices, plus voltage monitoring and battery protection, the Pepxim Software-Defined Power Management Unit is the all-in-one device for all of your power consumption and regulation needs!

    Manage It All With the IoT Cloud

    With Pepxim’s IoT cloud management and the new SD-PMU, you’re now able to monitor all your devices’ voltage, wattage, temperature, and current to each port for precise troubleshooting. Reboot devices through the cloud, configure custom boot up sequences, and much more with the SD-PMU. The SD-PMU can take power from sources with low or fluctuating voltage and turn them into reliable streams of 52V power. Each device can support 2 power inputs and 4 power outputs.

    Voltage Sensing Capabilities

    The Low Voltage Disconnect function shuts off access to the battery if the voltage level falls below a defined threshold. The Ignition Sense function shuts off power to connected devices when the vehicle ignition is turned off.  The SD-PMU records battery voltage information and sends it over the IoT Cloud for remote monitoring. In case the SD-PMU cannot reach the IoT Cloud, it will locally store voltage records until it can upload the data.