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    TRi-ExcelLink software on CD-ROM


    The TRi-ExcelLink software provides an extremely simple-to-use, two-way linkage of data between the PLCs and an MS Excel spreadsheet. It is an application software that works in tandem with the TLServer program (this is included in your Internet TRiLOGI Version 5 or 6) or the Ethernet Xserver hardware. Hence, not only can you capture PLC data directly from the local PC running both the TLServer and ExcelLink program, you can also simultaneously capture data from up to 8 TLServers that are connected to the LAN or the Internet!

    Since TRi-ExcelLink is a client to the TLServer, you can run both the TRi-ExcelLink and TRiLOGI software simultaneoulsy. Hence a technician can perform a local monitoring of the PLC operation while the TRi-ExcelLink software is collecting data, without interfering with each other. In addition, multiple TRi-ExcelLinks can run simultaneously at different locations. Hence in the above examples, the management in London, China and Santa Clara all can view the production status of all sites simultaneously in their spreadsheet, and of course, all in real time!

    Unlike most other DDE server software on the market which requires you to write macro programs or enter specific formula in the spreadsheet before you are able to capture any data, the TRi-ExcelLink software can open up a blank, new spreadsheet and start filling in data the moment you click on the "Run" button. All the actions are configured using very simple forms.

    Most other DDE servers in the market (e.g. WinWedge, Modlink) cost from US$250 upwards. But the TRi-ExcelLink software is available for less than half the price than most other rival products that require a steep learning curve before you can use them.

    • Simple to use, two way linkage from PLC to MS Excel
    • Capture date from up to 8 TLServers simultaneously
    • Runs in the background as client of TLServer
    • Cost effective