AirFiber 5X Antenna - 23 dBi

AirFiber 5X Antenna - 23 dBi

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airFiber AF-5G23-S45 5.1 - 5.9 GHz 23 dBi Integrated Radome

The airFiber X antenna delivers 2x2, dual-polarity performance. The airFiber X antenna with an airFiber X radio can be deployed as endpoints in a backhaul link to deliver bandwidth from a WISP network out to a neighborhood tower.

  • Housed in a compact form factor (378-mm diameter size), the AF-5G23-S45 offers 23 dBi of gain and features the following advantages:

  • Low sidelobes reduce interference from other transmitters in the area.

  • High isolation enhances performance for co-location in tower-mounted installations.

  • The low-profile design with integrated radome reduces wind-loading.


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