232OPDRI-PH Quickstart Guide

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Quick Start guide for 232OPDRI-PH RS-232 Opto Isolator.

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1. Loopback Test Connect Your RS-232 Devices Front View Serial Ports • Use a DB9 Female to DB9 Male cable to connect a PC to the DCE port. (Recommended) • Connect a DB9 Female to DB9 Female cable to the DTE port. On the DTE Port, jumper pin 2 to 3 and pin 7 to 8 on the female end of the cable. This loops TD to RD and CTS to RTS. • Using HyperTerminal or similar program, connect to the appropriate COM port. (Remember to set the baud rate to 9600.) • Turn off HyperTerminal local echo. • Type some characters in HyperTerminal. The same characters should appear on your screen. The LED indictors will light up to show you that data is being transmitted. Check LEDs Product Overview 10 to 48 VDC, 1.5 W Max Grounding the unit is recommended. A DTE device is “Data Terminal Equipment.” This includes computers, PLCs, and most devices that are not used to extend communications. (Think “COMPUTER” for DTE.) A DCE device is “Data Communications Equipment.” This includes modems and other devices that extend communications, like RS-422, RS-485, fiber optic converters or radio modems. (Think “MODEM” for DCE.) When connecting a DTE device to a DCE device, use a straight through connection. When connecting a DTE device to a DTE device, or a DCE device to a DCE device, use a crossover (null) connection. Back View LED Indicators LED Indicators DB9 Female DCE Port DB9 Male DTE Port Pin 3 LED Green, ON when a TD input (PIN 3) is raised on the DCE port Pin 7 LED Green, ON when a RTS input (PIN 7) is raised on the DCE port Pin 2 LED Green, ON when a RD input (PIN 2) is raised on the DTE port Pin 8 LED Green, ON when a CTS input (PIN 8) is raised on the DTE port Power LED Red, ON when power applied Power TB2 Position, Removable (10-48 VDC) GND Grounding Lug 1 2 3

2. Troubleshooting Are My Devices Wired As DTE or DCE? How to Check: 1. Use Rule of Thumb - If the device plugs into the computer serial port and works normally, the device is wired as DCE (or the connection cable is a crossover type that makes it work as a DCE). If the device connects to the computer port using a “null modem” crossover cable, it is wired as DTE. 2. Use RS-232 Line Tester - A quick and easy way to determine the DTE/DCE port type is to use a RS-232 line tester such as the 9PMTT. The tester can show the signal state of any active RS-232 data lines using LEDs lighting Red or Green. Active data lines are output from a device. They may be either High or Low. Information – UL Class 1 Div 2 1. Power, Input/Output (I/O) wiring for the end use enclosure must be in accordance with Class 1, Division 2 wiring methods (Article 501.10(B) of the National Electric Code, NFPA 70) and in accordance with the local authority having jurisdiction. 2. The temperature rating of field-installed conductors is 105°C. Use copper wire only. 3. Maximum ambient air temperature is 85°C. 4. These devices must be installed in end use enclosures suitable for the location. 5. WARNING – EXPLOSION HAZARD: Substitution of any components may impair suitability for Class 1, Division 2. 6. WARNING – EXPLOSION HAZARD: Do not disconnect equipment unless power has been switched off or the area is known to be non-hazardous. 7. WARNING – This device is suitable for use in Class 1, Division 2, Groups A, B, C, and D or in non-hazardous locations only. Document number – p/n 8514 r002 232OPDRi-PH - 0812 © 2012 B&B Electronics Manufacturing Company 1-888-948-2248 | Europe: +353 91 792444 www.bb-elec.com Recommended Accessories and Power Supplies Surge Protector Industrial Power Supply 232HESP MDR-20-24 707 Dayton Road | PO Box 1040 | Ottawa, IL 61350 Phone: 815-433-5100 | Fax: 815-433-5109 www.bb-elec.com | E-mail: info@bb-elec.com http://www.bb-elec.com/232OPDRI-PH Fast and easy on the web: www.bb-elec.com ILinx 232OPDR-PH RS-232I Isolated Repeater Additional items required but not included: (1) 10 to 48 VDC Power Supply Two RS-232 Cables Ground Cable First Things First... Before you begin, be sure you have the following: RS-232 Repeater with Triple Isolation 232OPDRI-PH http://www.bb-elec.com/232OPDRI- PH/ACC http://www.bb-elec.com/232OPDRI- PH/ACC Fast, Easy Answers • First, check step 2. • Then use your smart phone to access complete documentation on our web site. Simply scan the code to the right.


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