Converting an EZware5000 Project to EZwarePlus

Converting an EZware5000 Project to EZwarePlus

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3. Maple Systems Inc., 808 134th Street SW, Suite 120, Everett, WA 98204 - 7333 – 0907 - 5092 Page 3 of 3 Rev. 01, 05/07 /2014 Open the project in EZwarePlus The System Parameter Settings window will open. Select the correct HMI model. If the screen resolution of the selected HMI is different than the original project ; the “Resize pop - up windows/objects” window will open. Select the resize options desired and click OK.

2. Phone: 425/745 - 3229 • Fax: 425/745 - 3429 • Email: • 0907 - 5092 Page 2 of 3 Rev. 0 1 , 05/07 /2014 Uncompress the Project in EZwarePlus Copy the compressed file (*.cmp) into the EZwarePlus project folder (C: \ MapleSys tems \ EZPlus \ Project). Open EZwarePlus and run the Uncompress utility (Tools > Compress/Uncompress). This extracts the *.mtp file and the libra ry files and places them in the Project folder and Library folder , respectively . Note s : 1. Beginning with E ZwarePlus v 2.00, the project file extension was changed to *.emtp. It will still open *.mtp files, but saves them as *.emtp files. 2. For Allen - Bradley Users: If the project has UDTs associated with it, the Data Type files are also compressed and uncompressed along with the project file and library files. Backup the Data Type files if you have already created UDTs with the Structure Editor in EZwarePlus. If the EasyBuilder - 5000 project was created in v4.42 or v4.50, see Technical Note 5088, “Using the New Stru cture Editor” for instructions on exporting the Data Types from the old AB Data Type Editor and importing them into the new Structure Editor.

1. . Maple Systems Inc., 808 134th Street SW, Suite 120, Everett, WA 98204 - 7333 – 0907 - 5092 Page 1 of 3 Rev. 01, 05/07 /2014 T E C H N I C A L N O T E 5 0 9 2 Maple Model(s) Graphic HMIs Title: Converting an EZware 5000 Project to EZwarePlus Summary This Technical Note provides instructi ons on converting an EZware 5000 project to function with EZwarePlus. EZwarePlus is used to progr am Graphic HMI products released by Maple Systems starting mid - 2012. Earlier produc ts were programmed using EZware 5000. EZwarePlus has several additions an d enhancements over EZware 5000, but the progra mming environment is the same. Applications built in E ZwarePlus cannot be converted in EZware5000 . Solution Compress the file created in EZware - 5000 Open the project in EasyBuilder - 5000 and run the Compress utility (Tools > Compress/Uncompress). This creates a new file with the same name as the project but with a *.cmp extension. The compress utility bundles the project file (*.mtp) with the library files that are linked to the project.


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