Cradlepoint Firmware 6.0 Overview

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With the release of Firmware version 6.0, Cradlepoint introduces a vastly improved GUI for all routers. The new GUI takes the look and feel of Enterprise Cloud Manager (ECM) and brings it to the router. The menus have been reworked to be more intuitive and discoverable, and the configuration experience has stayed similar to the previous UI. In short, finding the menus is easier and configuration has stayed as easy as always.

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3. ©2015 Cradlepoint. All Rights Reserved. | +1.855.813.3385 | 3 New Features / Firmware 6.0 NOTE: Screenshots are from the Cradlepoint AER3100. Not all models will have all functions.

5. ©2015 Cradlepoint. All Rights Reserved. | +1.855.813.3385 | 5 New Features / Firmware 6.0 WAN VERIFY If WAN Verify is enabled, the router will check that the highest priority active WAN interface can get to the Internet even if the WAN connection is not actively being used. If the interface goes down, the router will switch to the next highest priority interface available. If this is not selected, the router will still failover to the next highest priority interface but only after the user has attempted to get out to the Internet and failed. FAILBACK This is used to configure failback , which is the ability to go back to a higher priority WAN interface if it regains connection to its network. Failback can be set based on either time elapsed or lack of data usage. DATA USAGE Data Usage displays upload and download traffic for each WAN, and can be tracked on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Upload and download traffic can also be tracked on a daily, weekly, or montly basis for each LAN client. WIFI AS WAN With Firmware 6.0, WiFi as WAN no longer requires entering both BSSID and SSID when connecting to a hidden network; now, simply enter the SSID and the router will connect. In addition, intelligent Access Point (AP) handover capability has been added, ensuring that the router is always connected to the AP with the strongest signal. WiFi as WAN uses an outside WiFi network as its Internet source. When WiFi as WAN is enabled, the router will find other WiFi networks that you can select and connect to. FIREWALL Firmware 6.0 creates a more robust, integrated Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW), making the Object Firewall easier to configure and more flexible than ever before. Security is enhanced by the addition of 1-to-1 NAT, allowing for the segmentation of a network to separate public IP addresses.

4. ©2015 Cradlepoint. All Rights Reserved. | +1.855.813.3385 | 4 New Features / Firmware 6.0 ENHANCED FUNCTIONALITY CONNECTION MANAGER Availability Key Enable Load Balance On Demand WAN Verify Data Usage Failback WAN INTERFACE PROFILES & PRIORITY This is a list of the available interfaces used to access the Internet. You can enable, stop, or start devices from this section. Drag the priority icon ( ) up or down to set the interface the router uses by default and the order that it allows failover. LOAD BALANCE To enable Load Balancing , select the check box for each desired device. If this is enabled, the router will use multiple WAN interfaces to increase the data transfer throughput by using any connected WAN interface concurrently. Selecting Load Balance will automatically start the WAN interface and add it to the pool of WAN interfaces to use for data transfer. Turning off Load Balance for an active WAN interface may require the user to restart any current browsing session. ON DEMAND Typically, modem connections are not always on. When the On Demand mode is selected a connection to the Internet is made as needed. When On Demand is not selected a connection to the Internet is always maintained.

2. ©2015 Cradlepoint. All Rights Reserved. | +1.855.813.3385 | 2 New Features / Firmware 6.0 NAVIGATION MENU In addition to more intuitive navigation, the Navigation Menu has two key new features: QUICK LINKS , which allows you to bookmark your most-used functions, and the Menu is now collapsible should you desire more screen real estate. The STATUS , NETWORKING , SECURITY , and SYSTEM menus all expand when clicked to reveal further navigation. NOTE: Screenshots are from the Cradlepoint AER3100. Not all models will have all functions.

1. ©2015 Cradlepoint. All Rights Reserved. | +1.855.813.3385 | 1 New Features / Firmware 6.0 Cradlepoint introduces firmware 6.0, featuring a user-friendly UI coupled with new and enhanced functionality. Cradlepoint Firmware 6.0 A KEY UI FEATURES B C D F H I K J E A. Direct Enterprise Cloud Manager access B. Direct access to Cradlepoint support resources C. Direct support chat D. More robust micro-status, including router alerts notification icon E. Direct search functionality F. Quick Links: bookmark your most-used functions G. Router Alerts H. More intuitive navigation I. Centralized, quickly editable device information J. More robust help with direct access to knowledgebase K. Easy access to licensed features G


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