FMD88-10 Datasheet

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FMD88-10 Datasheet

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1. w w w . t r i - p l c . c o m F M D - S e r i e s P L C s - L C D D i s p l a y s : L C D 2 1 6 ( 2 l i n e s x 1 6 c h a r . ) , L C D 4 2 0 ( 4 l i n e s x 2 0 c h a r . ) - N e t w o r k e d D i s p l a y : M D S 1 0 0 - B W f o r m u l t i p l e d i s p l a y s a p p l i c a t i o n o r f o r e x t e n d e d m o u n t i n g o f d i s p l a y - M D - H M I : 1 6 - k e y p a d w i t h 8 L E D a n d 4 x 2 0 L C D ; p l u g s i n t o L C D a n d e x p a n s i o n p o r t s - M M I 6 0 5 0 : 4 . 3 ` C o l o r G r a p h i c s T o u c h P a n e l H M I - I / O E x p a n s i o n : E x p 4 0 4 0 o r E x p 1 6 1 6 R ( 1 6 O p t o - i s o l a t e d D i g i t a l I n o u t s , 1 6 R e l a y O u t p u t s ) - F R A M R T C : B a t t e r y - B a c k e d R e a l T i m e C l o c k p l u s P r o g r a m / D a t a M e m o r y E x p a n s i o n - A u t o 4 8 5 : R S 2 3 2 t o R S 4 8 5 c o n v e r t e r - A n a l o g E x p a n s i o n : I - 7 0 0 0 s e r i e s A n a l o g I / O E x p a n s i o n M o d u l e s - U S B - R S 2 3 2 I n t e r f a c e : f o r c o n n e c t i o n t o U S B p o r t o n P C - D i n R a i l M o u n t i n g : D i n - K i t - 2 F M D 8 8 - 1 0 P L C F M D - s e r i e s : E t h e r n e t , M o d b u s T C P / I P , S t e p p e r M o t o r D r i v e , + A n a l o g I / O , L C D p o r t , R S 2 3 2 , R S 4 8 5 , I n t e r n e t - T R i L O G I L a d d e r + B a s i c 4. 57 5" 4. 20 0" M o u n ti n g (a ) H ol e M ou nt in g Lo ca tio ns fo r di re ct p an el m ou nt . (b ) O pt io na l D IN -r ai l m ou nt in g ki t a va ila bl e fo r in st al la tio n H ol es d ia . 0 .1 25 " Product Description The FMD88-10 PLC is an upgrade version of the T100MD888 model, bringing its built-in capabilities very much in line with that of the super F-series PLCs. With the inclusion of an onboard Ethernet port, a faster CPU, more analog I/Os and program memory, the FMD88-10 provides great enhancement opportunities for applications currently using the T100MD888. However, if preferred, the FMD88-10 can also, in most cases, work simply as a drop-in replacement for the T100MD888 PLC. Built into the FMD88-10 PLC are 8 digital inputs (includes 2 high speed encoders and 4 interrupts), 8 digital outputs (supports 4 PWM channels and 2 stepper motor pulse/direction controls) and 10 analog I/Os. Digital I/O capacity can be expanded to 120 digital inputs and 120 digital outputs using T riangle Research expansion boards EXP1616R or EXP4040. Analog I/O expansion modules which connect to the FMD88-10's RS485 port are also readily available. Like all 'super' PLCs in Triangle Research's line-up, the FMD88-10 is designed with ready connectivity to many peripheral device types. With the buil t-in Ethernet port and the iTRiLOGI client/server software, the FMD88-10 is fully accessible for machine monitoring and OEM troubleshooting/reprogramming over the INTERNET . Built-in RS232 and RS485 connections and support of MODBUS protocols also makes the FMD88-10 easy to integrate into mixed-brand PLC environments and networks. As for all the super PLCs from Triangle Research, programming of the FMD88-10 PLC is simplified with the powerful iTRiLOGI Ladder+BASIC software that is shipped with the starter kit. Similarly , as for all Triangle Research PLCs, the FMD88-10 PLC incorporates a program code security feature in the interest of Automation OEMs' program protection. A c c e s s o r i e s * D i s p l a y s o l d s e p a r a t e l y R S 2 3 2 H o s t L i n k a n d M o d b u s p o r t 1 0 - C h a n n e l A n a l o g I / O s R S 4 8 5 B u i l t - i n L C D I n t e r f a c e 8 D i g i t a l I n p u t s & H i g h S p e e d C o u n t e r ( 2 4 V N P N ) 8 D i g i t a l O u t p u t s 2 4 V , 1 A x 6 2 4 V , 4 A x 2 E x p a n s i o n P o r t B u i l t - i n E t h e r n e t C o n n e c t i o n

2. - RS232 1 x (DB9 Female Socket) - RS485 1 x (two-pin screw terminals) - Analog I/Os - LCD 1 (IDC 14-pin) - Excel spreadsheet Data Logging using TRi-ExcelLink software - Program - Program PLC Environmental Specs (Temperature and Vibration) Absolute Max. Rating Analog Inputs Programming Lang. / Env. iTRiLOGI Version 6.xx (Ladder+Basic) / Windows I2C Interface (Future) Optional I2C-FRTC module provides I2C interface and 256K bytes EEPROM. (To Be Announced) Dimensions / Weight I/O Expansion (Digital) 16K words (16-bit) of program memory stored in flash memory. - Data A to Z (32-bit Integer) , A$ to Z$ (ASCII strings) DM[1] to DM[ 4000 ] (16-bit integer array) - configurable to 1K Words (16-bit) additional non-volatile Flash memory for integer and string storage Communicatons Ethernet - Support both Modbus/TCP Server (5 simult. connections ) and Modbus/TCP Client - Direct connection to LAN or Internet for programming, monitoring and Remote Control Sequencers Real-Time Clock PID Connection Ports High-Speed Counter Counters Internal Relays / Timers - Output Interface 2 x AO - 12 bit, 0-5V or 0-10V (Software selectable!). Expandable to 4 channels (0-5V) with FRAM-RTC-256 or I2C-FRTC Processing I/O Scan time = 0.6ms (can be interrupted by input interrupts), Program Scan time = 2.5 μ s per step Stepper Motor Control - 3 x stepper motor control pulse/direction outputs (2 D/Os per stepper output) Analog I/O - Input Interface 8 x AI -12 bit, 0-5V 10 Encoder Inputs - 2 x 32-bit High Speed Counter (quadrature: 2 D/Is per channel) Interrupts - 4 x user-defined interrupt (latency < 0.5ms, +ve or –ve edge triggered) PWM (current) - 4 x PWM; shares with D/O #5 to #8 (continuous frequencies, 0.1% duty cycle resolution) Features and Specs Operating Voltage 12 to 24V DC (+/- 5%) Digital Inputs 8 (24V npn) with LED indicators. Expandable to 120 FMD88-10 PLC (Rev 3) - Supports web query. Enterprise Database or MS Excel software can log PLC data directly via the Internet. Digital Outputs 8 (24V npn) with LED Indicators. Expandable to 120 - Ethernet 1 x RJ45 24V NPN. Output current 4A peak, 2A continous, Driver Type : N-channel MOSFET RS232 & RS485 Supported Protocols : Native ASCII Host Link Commands (programming/monitoring) MODBUS RTU, MODBUS ASCII, OMRON C20H Host Link Commands Default COM speed 38,400 bps, may be set from 1200 to 115.2K & 230.4K bps Memory Storage 8K words (16-bit) of program memory stored in flash memory. - Data A to Z (32-bit Integer) , A$ to Z$ (ASCII strings) DM[1] to DM[ 1000 ] (16-bit integer array) Operating Temperature - Operating -20 to +85 deg C (-4 to +185 deg F) Power Supply Input 30V 11K Words (16-bit) non-volatile Ferromagnetic RAM memory for integer and string storage. Operating Humidity 10% - 90% Rel. Humidity, non condensing Electrical Noise IEC801-4 (Fast transient) Resistance - 2KV to power supply, 50 microsecond pulse Vibration resistance - 25Hz to 100Hz 50 microsecond pulse width. width, 1 min. 1KV to I/O by capacitive coupling, - Acceleration = + 4.0g - Amplitude = +1. IEC 68-2-6/1980 Vibration 1.6mm 8 with 32 steps (step# 0 - # 31) Expandable to 120 D/I and 120 D/O using EXP4040, EXP2424 and EXP1616R. 4.825"(L) x 4.45"(W) x 0.8"(H) / 4.9 oz (140 gms) Built-in 16 channels PID Computation function (Proportional, Integral, Derviative digital control) - Extremely easy Peer-to-peer (or machine-to-machine) PLC communication. Standard With FRAM-RTC-0/256 non-volatile. Optional FRAM-RTC-0/256 : Real Time Clock and Calendar (Year, Day, Month, Hours, Min, Sec, day-of-week) - battery backup 1 x DB-15 female socket for Analog Inputs and Outputs 7V Standard : Real Time Clock and Calendar (Year, Day, Month, Hours, Min, Sec, day-of-week) - no battery backup 30V Digital Outputs Digital Inputs 30V - Event-driven Emailing. Create and save data file on a networked PC's hard disk - TCP connection to any Server IP address:port number (e.g. to NIST Timer Server) - simultaneous position and speed measurement on each channel. 2 x high-speed counters, 4 x pulse measurement channels (frequency, period and width) 512 internal relays, 64 timers (any one or all can be configured as “HighSpeed” timers) 64 (High) AO max + 0.3V - Others 2 x 8 way detachable screw terminals (5mm pitch) for digital inputs and outputs Analog outputs (low) -0.3V FMD88-10 PLC


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