HMC7043A-M Datasheet

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The HMC7043 touchscreen unit is an HMI + PLC combo. It possesses a 4.3 inch 480 x 272 Pixel TFT Color Touchscreen Display. In addition, the back of the unit has 3 ports for plug-in I/O modules. Maple Systems Graphic HMCs merge the functionality of both an HMI and a PLC into one cohesive unit, eliminating the need for a separate HMI and PLC.

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1. Human Machine Controller HMC7043A-M 4.3” Touchscreen Combo HMI/Controller l Bright 32K (16-Bit) color TFT display l 480 x 272 pixel resolution l Responsive touchscreen display l Ethernet at 10/100 MBPS l Serial and USB Ports l Supports 3 I/O expansion modules l Ladder Logic l Create objects with multiple tasks l Data logging and trending l Option for USB memory storage l IP66, CE and UL Certifi ed, Class I Div. 2, NEMA4X Maple Systems’ 4.3” Graphic HMC is an all-in-one Graphic HMI and PLC — a hybrid unit that packs the functionality of an HMI and a PLC into one box. In addition, this unit accepts up to 3 plug-in I/O expansion modules to give you a broad range of analog and digital control options. The HMI portion supports 32,000 colors for a clear and vibrant display of bitmap objects. The touchscreen is very responsive and durable - suited for rigorous industrial use. Built-in Ethernet, serial and USB ports allow for multiple connectivity and communication scenarios. The HMC7000 series is programmed with MAPware-7000. The software supports multiple programming methods for the PLC: Ladder Logic, Function Block Diagram, Structured Text and Instruction List. With these models, a PLC logic block can be executed at power up, during every scan, or upon a timer interrupt. In addition, these units can display both real time and historical alarms. Back of Unit Shown with Optional I/O Modules Every Machine Needs the Human Touch Expansion modules allow use of high-speed counters, (normal and quadrature mode), discrete I/O, with relay outputs and analog I/O, including thermocouple and RTD inputs. NEMA4X

2. Hardware CPU Type 32-bit RISC, 400MHz Total Memory 128MB Total Serial Ports* Com1: RS-232/RS-422/RS-485, 2 wire or 4 wire Com2: RS-232/RS-422/RS-485, 2 wire or 4 wire Ethernet Port 10/100 Base-T (RS45) Application Memory 10MB I/O Expansion Ports 3 (for optional I/O modules) USB 1 Host port, 1 Slave port RTC Built-in Display Type 4.3” TFT color Dimensions of Display 4.5” x 3.8” Resolution (pixels) 480 x 272 Brightness (cd/m 2 ) 400 Contrast Ratio 500:1 Max Colors 32,000 Backlight LED Backlight Longevity 30,000 hours at 25 ° C Touchscreen Type 4 wire analog resistive Lifespan 1 Million activations minimum Resolution Continuous Environmental Operating Temperature 32 ~ 122 o F (0~50 o C) Storage Temperature -4 ~ 176 o F (-20 ~ 80 o C) Relative Humidity 10% to 85% (non-condensing) Shock (operation) 25g of acceleration for 11 ms Ratings IP66, NEMA4X compliant front panel Certi cations CE, RoHS compliant, cULus (Class I Div 2) Mechanical Enclosure Plastic molding Dimensions (WxHxD) 5.04” x 4.33” x 1.77” [128mm x 110mm x 45 mm] Panel Cutout (WxH) 4.70” x 3.68” [119.5mm x 93.5mm] Weight 0.73 lbs (330 g) Mounting Panel Power Requirements 24VDC, 250mA Warranty 1 year Order Number HMC7043A-M 4.3” TFT Graphic HMC with I/O Expansion Ports Specifi cations subject to change without notice DS-HMC7043AM, Rev. 02 May 2015 Maple Systems, Inc. 808 134th St. SW, Suite 120, Everett, WA 98204 425.745.3229 • 425.745.3429 (fax) • Email: • Printed in USA Dimensions in inches [mm] Dimensions ** Four inputs can be confi gured as high speed inputs (25KHz) and two outputs can be confi gured for PWM (10 KHz), or one quadrature input of 20KHz or two quadrature inputs of 5 KHz. * One “D” type port supports RS232 and RS485 levels on different pins. “Y” type cable can be used for separate RS232 and RS485 levels simultaneously. A I/O Expansion Ports B Battery C Power Connector D Com1 Port* E USB Slave Port F Ethernet Port 10/100 G USB Host Port 5.0” [128] 4.7” [118.5] 3.6” [92.5] A A A B C E F G D C E F G D 1.8” [45] 3.50” [89] 1.5” [39] 4.0” [102] Optional I/O Module HMC7043A-M Specifications Optional I/O Expansion Modules HMC7-MIO-01 8 digital inputs, 8 digital outputs (NPN type) HMC7-MIO-02 8 digital inputs, 8 digital outputs (PNP type) HMC7-MIO-03 2 analog inputs, 2 analog outputs HMC7-MIO-04** 8 inputs (4 HiSpd), 8 outputs NPN HMC7-MIO-05** 8 inputs (4 HiSpd), 8 outputs PNP HMC7-MIO-06** 8 inputs (4 HiSpd), 8 outputs (6 relay, 2 NPN) HMC7-MIO-07** 8 inputs (4 HiSpd), 8 outputs (6 relay, 2 PNP) HMC7-MIO-08 4 analog inputs, 2 analog outputs HMC7-MI-01 16 digital inputs HMC7-MI-02 4 analog inputs HMC7-MI-03 8 analog voltage inputs HMC7-MI-04 8 analog current inputs HMC7-MO-01 12 digital relay outputs HMC7-MO-02 16 outputs NPN HMC7-MO-03 16 outputs PNP


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