HMI7043A-M Quickstart Guide

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Quickstart Guide for the HMC7043. The HMC7043 touchscreen unit is an HMI + PLC combo. It possesses a 4.3 inch 480 x 272 Pixel TFT Color Touchscreen Display. In addition, the back of the unit has 3 ports for plug-in I/O modules. Maple Systems Graphic HMCs merge the functionality of both an HMI and a PLC into one cohesive unit, eliminating the need for a separate HMI and PLC.

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1. Quick Start Guide HMC7043A - M Maple Systems Inc. 808 134th Street SW, Suite 120, Everett, WA 98204 - 7333 • . Doc. No. 1011 - 70 43 AM Page 1 of 2 Rev. 0 0 , 10 / 01 /201 3 Description: HMC7043A - M - 480 x272 pixels, 4.3" Color TFT, with three expansion slots , an Ethernet port and two serial com ports Contents:  One HMC7043A - M (in plastic bag with protective cover sheet on the screen)  One plastic bag containing four mount ing clamps (each clamp consisting of cap nut, bolt, and clamp)  One three prong green power plug  Cardboard package inserts  Quick Start Guide Programming software (MAPware - 7000), cables, and power supply purchased separately. Panel Mounting and Panel Cuto ut: HMC70 43 A - M Tighten the mounting screws evenly t o a torque between 0.6 and 0.7 n m to maintain water and dust resistance. Make sure the panel is not dirty and warped and that it is strong enough to hold the unit. Note: Maximum panel thickness (on whic h unit is to be mounted) should be 6.0 mm (toleranc e: - 0.5 mm). Specifications: The HMC7043A - M is a combination operator - based HMI (Human Machine Interface) with built - in PLC (programmable logic controller) operation. It communi cates with external PLCs ov er Ethernet or serial communications port s to read/write data. Up to three I/O expansion modules can be attached. Power: 24VDC + 15%, 6W Display: 4.3” TFT(480x272 pixels) Color graphics display Bezel: NEMA 4 (IP 66) rated Touchscreen: 4 - wire analog resistive LED: One Power LED Memory: 10 MB Max. Application Memory Ethernet: One Ethernet port (Upload/ Download projects and PLC communications) Serial Port s : One DB9 connector with two serial ports COM1 (RS232) / COM2 (RS485/RS422) Both ports can be used simultaneously USB Slave: Upload/download projects USB Host: Data Storage Operating Temp: 0 to 50° C Humidity: 10% to 90% (non - condensing) Dimensions: 5.04 x 4.02 x 1.77 inches [128x102x45mm] Panel cutout: 4.69x 3.66 inches [119x93mm] Mounting Unit to Panel: Step 1: Place unit into cutout of panel and position mounting clamps (four ) into side slots of HM C7000 enclosure as shown above. Step 2: Tighten clamps evenly to prevent warping. Continue to tighten until a torque force of 0.6 - 0.7 nm is obtained. Step 3: HMC7000 should be aligned evenly with the cutout with no warping present after clamps are tightened. Port Details (COM1 and COM2): DB9S (Female) Connector The HMC70 43A - M has one D type serial connector which supports RS232 ( COM 1) and RS485/RS422 (COM 2) on different pins. A suitable Y type cable can be used for separate RS232 and RS485/RS422 connections simultaneously. Grounding: The HMC7000 should have a good electrical connection to earth ground via the power connector for saf ety a nd to reduce electrical noise. The HMC unit should be grounded separately from other high - power systems. Note: Do not use a ground connection that has potential impedance (such as painted screws) or is subject to vibration. Expansion I/O Modules: T he HMC7043A - M has three expansion slots that you can use to connect I/O modules . Consult Maple Systems website for a complete listing of modules currently available.

2. Model: HMC7043A - M Phone: 425/745 - 3229 • Fax: 425/745 - 3429 • Email: • . Doc. No. 1011 - 70 43 AM Page 2 of 2 Rev. 0 0 , 10 / 01 /201 3 Getting Started: Perform the following steps to configure and use the HMC7000 Series unit: 1. Install MAPWare - 7000 software. 2. Create your project. 3. Connect a programming cable (USB preferred). 4. Save your project. 5. Download project to HMC7000 (note: you must select the Download Firmware option for the initial download). 6. The HMC7000 unit is ready to use in the system. PC Requirements for MAPware - 7000: Processor: 1GHz Pentium - based processor or equivalent Operating System : Microsoft Windows XP Professiona l, 2000, Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8. RAM: 1 GB Hard Disk: 800 MB (including 200MB for the .NET fra mework r edistributable) Display: 1024x768 high color 16 - bit Mouse/Keyboard: Required USB / Ethernet port: for project downloads Installing the Software: 1. Insert MAPware - 7000 CD into CD - ROM drive and follow instructions. 2. If software installation does not au tomatically start click \ SETUP.EXE from CD directory. PLC Connecting Cables: Contact Maple Systems to order any PLC Communications Cables or to download a cable pinout diagram. Additional Resources: Detailed instructions on the operation and install ation of the HMC7000 Series are available in the HMC7000 Programming Manual that is included with the MAPware - 7000 configuration software. MAPware - 7000 also includes help files which provide detailed information on using the configuration software. Other Sources (visit Maple Systems Support Center):  Controller Information Sheets - Specific information on connecting a particular manufacturer's PLC to the HMC7000  Cable Drawings - wiring diagrams to particular PLCs  Technical Notes - Provides additional informa tion and examples not covered in the operations manual  Software Upgrades - Upgrades to the MAPware - 7000 software Class I Division 2 Wiring Considerations: Capacitance and inductance of field wiring from intrinsically safe equipment to t he associated apparatus must be included in the system calculations as shown in Table 1. Cable capacitance, C cable , plus intrinsically safe equipment capacitance, C i , must be less than the marked capacitance, C a (or C o ), shown on any associated apparatus used. The same applies for inductance (L cable , L i and L a or L o , respectively). Where the cable capacitance and inductance per foot are not known, the following values shall be used: C cable = 60 pF/ft, L cable = 0.2 μ H/ft. TABLE 1: I.S. Equipment Associat ed Apparatus V max (or U i ) > V oc or V t (or U o ) I max (or I i ) > I sc or I t (or I o ) C i + C cable < C a (or Co) L i + L cable < L a (or L o ) Wiring method must be in accordance with ANSI/NFPA70 Associated apparatus may be in a Division 2 or Zone 2 loc ation if so approved. Associated apparatus must be installed in accordance with its manufacturer’s control drawing and National Electrical Code for installation in the United States and Canadian Electrical Code for installation in Canada. WAR NING: DO NOT REMOVE OR REPLACE WHILE CIRCUIT IS LIVE UNLESS THE AREA IS KNOWN TO BE FREE OF IGNITIBLE CONCENTRATIONS OF FLAMMABLE SUBSTANCES. This equipment is suitable for use in Class I, Division 2, Groups A, B, C and D or non - hazardous locations only. WARNING – EXPLOSION HAZARD – Do not disconnect equipment unless power has been removed or the area is known to be non - hazardous. WARNING – EXPLOSION HAZARD - Substitution of components may impair suitability for Class I, Division 2. WARNING - CAUTION, battery may explode if mistreated. Do not recharge, disassemble or dispose of in fire. WARNING - Replace battery with T ype CR1225FH - LF, manufactured by Renata SA, only. Use of another battery may present a risk of fire or explosion. See owner's manual f or safety instructions. It is recommended that the user periodically inspect the sealed devices used, check for any degradation of properties, and replace as necessary. For Technical Support: Please contact Maple Systems if you have any questions regarding this product. We ask that you provide us with the unit serial number and firmware revision number written on the product label of the unit. If applicable, please provide us with the type of PLC used in your application. Maple Syste ms Inc. 808 134 th St. SW, STE 120 Everett, WA 98204 Tel: 425 - 745 - 3229 Fax: 425 - 745 - 3429 Email: Website: Hazardous Location Class I Division 2 Groups A, B, C, and D Non - Hazardous Location HMC7043 USB Port JP9 V max =3.3 VDC I max =150 mA L i =0 C i =9pF Associated Apparatus USB Port V oc < 3.3 VDC I sc < 2.2 mA L a > L i + L cable C a > C i + C cable


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