PROex138-7-Q Datasheet

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PROex138-7-Q Datasheet

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1. Box 5458, Station A, Calgary, AB Canada, T2H 1X8 T: (403)-236-2298, F: (403)-236-2618, E: 138-174 7 195 36 0 300 120 24 23.5 3.2 80 120 90 Operating Frequency (VSWR ≤ 1.5) MHz Nominal Gain (dBi) Horizontal Beamwidth (Deg-3dB) Vertical Beamwidth (Deg-3dB) Front To Back Ratio (dB) Power Rating (W) Length (inches) Width (inches) Antenna Weight (lbs.) Cross Sectional Area (Max. Ft ²) Lateral Thrust at 100mph (lbs.) Rated Wind Velocity (mph) Rated Wind Velocity with 1/2’’ radial ice (mph) ANTENNA SPECIFICATIONS Suggested mounting bracket C1002 (Bracket not included) The PROex138-7-Q-0 has been specifically engineered to meet or exceed all the requirements of a broadband, offset dipole professional grade antenna. This antenna provides 7 dBi gain and operates effectively across the operating range of 138-174 MHz with a VSWR of 1.5:1 or less. The dipole to mast spacing is ¼ wave. All Wavelink Antenna PRO Series offset antennas are manufactured using high strength 6061 T6 aluminum to ensure consistent operating performance. Each dipole junction is welded in a fixed position, incorporating a tuned, internal cable harness, thereby eliminating any exposure to the elements; every broadband dipole is fixed in place by a CNC-machined aluminum saddle. These two features combine to minimize or even eliminate all potential intermod or misalignment problems . In addition, the dipoles are anodized to protect against environmental degradation. The PROex138-7 is made standard with 5’ of RG213 cable with a soldered N-female crimp connector. PROex138-7 is equipped with a standard feed line length of 5’ RG213 cable and N-Male connector. Please contact our sales staff for alternate connector requirements. Extended feed line available in 5’ increments up to a maximum of 50 '. All extended feed line antennas equipped with LMR400 cable and N-Male connector. ™ Antenna Systems Inc. WaveL i nk І  Toll Free #: 1800.805.6922 138-174 MHz PROFESSIONAL SERIES OFFSET PROex138-7-Q-O-N1 WaveL i nk Antenna Systems Inc. ™


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