PROWB727-8 Datasheet

PROWB727-8 Datasheet

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1. WaveL i nk ™ AntennaSystemsInc. Professional Grade YagiAntennas | Professional Grade OmniAntennas | PROFESSIONAL GRADE WIDE BAND DIRECTIONAL ANTENNA Operating Frequency (VSWR ≤ 1.5) MHz 690 - 2700 Nominal Gain (dBi) 8 Horizontal Beamwidth (Deg-3dB) 72 Vertical Beamwidth (Deg-3dB) 70 Front To Back Ratio (dB) 20 Power Rating (W) 50 Impedance(Ohms) 50 Length x Width (inches) 13.5 x 5.5 Antenna Weight (lbs.) 1.25 Cross SectionalArea (Max. Ft²) 0.23 Lateral Thrust at 100mph (lbs.) 5.5 Rated Wind Velocity (mph) 125 Rated Wind Velocity with 1/2'' radical (mph) 120 ™ AntennaSystemsInc. WaveL i nk Phone: 1 800.805.6922 (Toll Free USA & Canada) Visit us online at PROFESSIONAL GRADE LOG PERIODIC PROWB727-8 690-2700 MHz All Wavelink Professional Grade antennas are manufactured using high strength 6061-T6 aluminum. The directive elements are welded to the boom completely eliminating misalignment problems. The antenna is also electrically one piece, effectively eliminating inter mod issues and future performance degradation. The PROWB727-8 is black anodized for appearance and corrosion resistance. Includes mounting bracket C1005 which easily permits vertical(60 degrees tilt) and horizontal polarization. Mounts on 1” - 2 3/8” pipe. The PROWB727-8 is engineered to meet or exceed the requirements of wide band, high gain, professional grade log-periodic directional antenna and is equipped with a standard feedline length of 2' LMR240 and N-Male connector. The PROWB727-8 provides 8dBi gain and operates effectively across the frequency band 690-2700 MHz with a VSWR of 1.5:1 or less.


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