TRA6927M3 Datasheet

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TRA6927M3 Datasheet

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2. Innovative Technology for a Connected World ANT-DS-TRA6927M3 0312 Any information furnished by Laird Technologies, Inc. and its agents is believed to be accurate and reliable. All specifications are subject to change without notice. Responsibility for the use and application of Laird Technologies materials rests with the end user. Laird Technologies makes no warranties as to the fitness, merchantability, suitability or non-infringement of any Laird Technologies materials or products for any specific or general uses. Laird Technologies shall not be liable for incidental or consequential damages of any kind. All Laird Technologies products are sold pursuant to the Laird Technologies’ Terms and Conditions of sale in effect from time to time, a copy of which will be furnished upon request. © Copyright 2012 Laird Technologies, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Laird, Laird Technologies, the Laird Technologies Logo, and other marks are trade marks or registered trade marks of Laird Technologies, Inc. or an affiliate company thereof. Other product or service names may be the property of third parties. Nothing herein provides a license under any Laird Technologies or any third party intellectual property rights. ELECTRICAL Frequency Range 698-960 MHz, 1710-2700 MHz VSWR 698-806 MHz < 2.5: 1.0 806-960 MHz < 2.0: 1.0 1710-2110 MHz < 2.0: 1.0 2110- 2170 MHz < 2.5: 1.0 2300- 2700 MHz < 2.0: 1.0 Nominal Peak Gain 698-960 MHz 3.5 dBi 1710-1990 MHz 5.5 dBi 2100-2700 MHz 4.6 dBi Average Efficiency 698-960 MHz 90% (max: 96%) 1710-1990 MHz 91% (max: 95%) 2100-2700 MHz 80% (max: 86%) Polarization Vertical Pattern Omnidirectional Input Impedance 50 Ω Maximum Power 100 W Cable & Mount MB195 (Sold Separately) Terminations NMO or P-Mount w/Type N(f) SPECIFICATIONS MODEL DESCRIPTION COLOR RADOME HEIGHT WEIGHT CONNECTOR TRA6927M3PB-001 4G/3G Phantom ® Black 3.30” 0.38 lbs Type N(f) TRA6927M3NB-001 4G/3G Phantom ® Black 3.30” 0.28 lbs NMO TRA6927M3PW-001 4G/3G Phantom ® White 3.30” 0.38 lbs Type N(f) TRA6927M3NW-001 4G/3G Phantom ® White 3.30” 0.28 lbs NMO MODEL AND ORDERING INFORMATION M ECHANICAL Color Black or white available Radome Material High Heat ABS Dimensions (Ht. x dia.) 3.3” (8.38 cm) x 1.44” (3.65 cm) Operating Temperature -40° C to 85°C Permanent Mounting Option: The letter “P” in the above part numbers indicates a permanent mounting option 4G/3G Multiband Phantom ® Antenna TRA6927M3

1. Innovative Technology for a Connected World global solutions: local support TM Americas: +1.847 839.6907 Europe: + Asia: + F EAT u RES • Mechanically robust for both Indoor/Outdoor applications • Applicable for both 3G and 4G application • Domestic LTE 700 band and Global LTE 2600 band • WiMAX 2300/2500/2600 bands • Domestic Cellular and Global GSM • Phantom out-performs a 3 dBi whip in many applications M AR k ETS • Public Safety • Cellular • M2M • Utilities • Data transport • Transportation • IBW 4G/3G Ph ANTOM ® A NTENNA I DEAL FOR 700/806/850/1800/1900/2100/2300/2500/2600 M h z A PPLICATIONS Laird Technologies’ unique Phantom ® antenna operates simultaneously in the 698-960 MHz and 1700-2700 MHz bands, making it ideal for 4G/3G applications. The mechanically robust design is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications with wide bandwidth and a low angle radiation pattern that is superior to traditional gain antennas in most applications. The antenna is ideal for both ceiling and surface mount applications. The industry standard NMO mounting socket mates with all Laird Technologies’ magnetic, trunk lid and hole mount configurations. A threaded permanent stud mount model is also available for vandal resistant mounting on brackets, panels, ceilings or any other kind of housing. 4G/3G Multiband Phantom ® Antenna TRA6927M3 A NTENNA P ATTERNS Azimuth 750 MHz Elevation Azimuth 960 MHz Elevation Azimuth 849 MHz Elevation Azimuth 1710 MHz Elevation Azimuth 1950 MHz Elevation Azimuth 2700 MHz Elevation


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